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People, friends, look at them.. now.

If only there was a way to get a hold of these people??????????

- Dustin Jensen is an up and coming photographer living in San Francisco with an unquenchable thirst for taking pictures... poor guy. Very keen eye, I really dig his stuff

- Chris McCaw is a very prolific photographer and printer living in San Francisco. He has had too many shows to name, has been involved in the S.F. art scene for over fifteen years. He is also the curator of 31 Rausch st.

- Mike Hsiung is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. His work is very unique and unlike anything else. Very talented young man. Involved in countless projects.

- Edward Foley is a carpenter.. that is saying way too little, genius wood worker. He works in many different mediums, wood, photographer, screen print, an infinite number of things. He is one of my favorite artists. He lives in New Jersey. He is from Detriot, and has lived everywhere in between. His stuff is great. I will let him speak for himself. He made the first piece of art I ever bought..